Masterclass in
Sintra for harp

A masterclass for harp with Gabriela Mossyrsch,
Konservatorium Wien University

class start: 01.09.2014 at 06:00 pm

class end: 07.09.2014 after the concert

final concert: 07.09.2014 at 08:30 pm in historical ambient

invited are

advanced students from music schools, universities, conservatories and young professional musicians, harp teachers and ambitious amateurs


during this week you will prepare intensively a program of free choice for a concert, competition or an exam or simply pieces you want to develop

The course will include:

+ individual daily lessons
+ support in technique
+ rhythm training
+ guidelines of musical interpretation
+ promotion of your musical power and personality
+ participation at the workshop concert
+ free rooms to practice

all participants will receive a diploma of participation

participation at the public final concert will be selected by the professor
the concert is free for participants and visitors


Sintra with the romantic ambience is a beautiful inspiring place for joining into the world of harp
The course will be held at the ancient Casino with beautiful halls


01.09.2014 the masterclass starts at 06:00 pm with a "come together" in the ancient Casino of Sintra

Leisure Program:

Sintra and especially the „Sierra de Sintra“ are a good place for hiking and visiting romantic environment. Also you are not far from the atlantic coast with all possibilities like swimming.


registration fee: € 30,-
early bird rate: € 270,- till 30.5.2014
rate: € 330,-
guest: € 70,-

Application Time:

31.07. 2014
min 5 students, max 12 students

for Registration:

send a mail to:
with your name and a list of pieces you want to work at and you will get all informations you need
I am looking forward for your message!

or only write your wish to Christiane Stapf

how to get there?:

travel by train:
Sintra Line

travel by air: